Introducing DuraFuse Dural Clips

For Fast Spinal Dural Closure in Neurosurgical & Orthopedic Spine Procedures

Who Has Time to Suture Dura?

Suturing dura takes time, allowing CSF to leak and prolonging your patient's anesthesia time - and the time you and your staff are in the OR. Time for a faster solution: DuraFuse Dural Clips  

Meet DuraFuse, the Fast, Non-penetrating, Bioabsorbable Dural Clip


DuraFuse is an efficient and effective device used to securely close the spinal dura in open and tubular retractor procedures of the spine, without needing additional dural sealant. DuraFuse Dural Clips come in a 5-clip sterile pack and are applied with the reusable DuraFuse Applier.

The DuraFuse surgical technique is simple and intuitive. The clips are designed to be non-penetrating and allow significantly reduced closure time, compared to suturing, while minimizing CSF leakage.

Why Choose DuraFuse for Spinal Dura Closure?